TIG 200CS Dual Voltage LED Display TIG welders

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New TIG 200CS (Dual voltage)

Excellent, Precise, Professional, Reliable and Rugged


1)Use 100 KHz inverter MOSFET technology.

2)Adopt the third-generation front and rear plastic appearance design.

3)Adopt new techniques that maximize thermal dissipation with 4 separated heat sinks.

4)Dual functions: HF TIG and MMA.

5)Greatly improved the welding performance and stability; easy striking under low voltage.

6)LED display, which shows the present current.

7)Intelligent protection: over-voltage, over-loading and over-heating.

8)Auto-Adaptive arc force and hot start current under MMA function.

9)Post gas adjustable (0.5~10s); make the welding seam protection more effective.

10)Pass the high voltage 3750V AC dielectric strength test, safe for welder.

11)Energy-efficient: power factor more than 0.7, efficiency more than 85%.


Package Units Include:

  • 1 PCS inverter power source with 3m input power cord
  • 1 PCS  4m TIG26 torch
  • 1 PCS Earth clamp,3.0m cable with Euro plug(KJO-50)
  • 1PCS tungsten electrode


  • Auto-DarkeningWelding Helmet
  • Stick electrode holder,3.0m cable with Euro plug (KJO-50)



Light steel structure, Machinery maintenance, Sheet metal Processing, Pressure container, Pipe installation, Mild steel, Stainless steel, alloyed steel, etc